Hiking the Mt Baker Snoqualmie Pratt Lake

I am out of shape – as soon as I started walking up the sloping trail, I was wheezing. The heavy breakfast of smoked salmon and eggs Benedict couldn’t have helped either. But it was a slow slog up the mountain. We went up 3,600 feet in two hours. But the darn lake was still not in sight. Had to cross over hills of glacier moraine, stumbling over large boulders, before the shimmering blue lake lay inviting, beneath us.

All in, we took about 6 hours to make the trip. Worth the hike. It was a recommendation made for us by the winemaker of Cullin Hills. It was a beautiful day – cloudless blue skies. All the locals we met on the way couldn’t have agreed more. Finally summer, they said. Summer had only really begun for them in August this year, just as we in Chicago have just started to bid it farewell.



Lake Pratt

I stripped off my socks and shoes, and dangled them in the icy fresh waters, relishing the warmth of the sun on my face. We had a healthy and delicious lunch of carrots, apples, and the sweetest and juciest donut peaches.


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