Wisdom teeth no more

The hardest thing about the whole dealio is that I can’t eat solids for a while. Yesterday, I went to bed with only two bowls of thin chicken broths in my tummy… and spent the night dreaming of courses of giant prawns, freshly steamed lobster, Alaskan king crabs and heaping plates of vermicelli noodles. Groan.

The first thing I did this morning was to drag Jeff out to the grocery store where we loaded up on juices, yogurt, and ice cream. It made me sad to look at the freshly baked rolls on display and at the heavenly smells wafting from the rotisserie section.

But in spite of everything, it hasn’t been as much as an ordeal as I had been dreading. The doctor put me under general anesthesia, and I was knocked out in less than a minute, and woke up less than an hour later with a swollen mouth and no pain. The pain did come, a few hours later, when the anesthesia wore off, but the Vicodin quickly put me into a happy place again.

Can’t wait to be normal again though. Being confined at home for the weekend sucks!


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