A Syrah Tasting

At literally the last minute, I managed to get off the waiting list for my company’s monthly wine tasting. Syrah this time!

We’ve been drinking and buying too much Syrah lately (probably as a result of going to Paso Robles and then Seattle) – and not nearly enough Pinot Noir it seems!

Best wine: 2008 Syrah from Goedhart Family Vineyards “Bel’ Villa Vineyard”, Red Mountain, Washington, $29. It was spicy with a strong backbone of tannins.

Best value: 2008 Syrah from Bradgate Stellenbosch, South Africa, $14. Huge perfume, and super inky – almost black. Not as smooth or complex as the slightly musty smelling 2007 Corbieres Chateua Grand Cres, “Cuvee Majeure” from Corbieres France, but a great steal vs. $26.

Was disappointed by the 2008 Syrah Reserva from Tamaya Limiary Valley Chile, which felt limpid with zero structure in comparison. It was too sweet.


One thought on “A Syrah Tasting

  1. Just saw your post on the Syrah tasting and we are very glad you like the Goedhart Family Syrah. Nice to know the wine you make gets into the hands of folks who really enjoy it! Cheers, Sarah Goedhart

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