Caught my Layout!


I was hoping with all my heart to get catch the layout before the outdoor season ended for trapeze. I’ve been practicing the trick for a few lessons now, but for the first time today, I felt confident of it. I flew last night as well, but messed up the moves several times. Once, I let go of the bar way too early, and it was only because of Steve’s agile grasp of the ropes that I didn’t fly face first into the net.

The trick felt good this morning though. I was able to wait and listen to all the commands, and then Steve put me on the first rise, so I could get even more height off my trick. It felt a little scary at first, to look down into the net from a higher perspective, although, to think about it, that’s pretty much the view everyone else has already anyway. Haha.

No idea how I screwed up the color setting for the video, but whatever. Compared to the chill and darkness of the night before, this was a beautiful and crisp autumn morning to fly. I had to take off my fleece jacket a little into the class as the sun warmed up.

I’m thrilled! What an absolutely delightful way to finish off the season! Now I have no regrets. 😀

From Flying Trapeze

Swinging to get the height

From Flying Trapeze


From Flying Trapeze


From Flying Trapeze



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