Acrobat Sublime

Acrobat Sublime

The author event advertised by the U of C alumni magazine caught my eye – “Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime”. An alumni, Harriet Heyman, had published a book of essays and captivating and surreal photographs of acrobats across the country, and was hosting a short session at the Newberry Library this evening. Intrigued, I walked over after work to check it out.

The event was sparsely attended, but it was an interesting evening anyway. Harriet shared an excerpt from her book in which she spoke of her first experience on the flying trapeze, and how she never looked back since. Acey Harper, her photographer, then walked us through a series of photographs he took for the book, which featured almost nude acrobats hurtling through air or in incredible contortionist poses in diverse landscapes from the natural to the man-made. At the end, they even had a couple of acrobats and a juggler spinning spools perform for us.

I bought a copy of the coffee table book – the pictures are stunning and mesmerizing to look at.


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