Last weekend flying outdoors

It is currently snowing non-stop in New York. Thankfully, I am in Chicago, where though cold, it is sunny. I went on the flying trapeze again by the lake this afternoon, and spent two glorious hours swinging in the alternating warm and chilly breeze.

Practiced my swings as usual, and as usual, I need to wait before the call to hollow and sweep. But thankfully, it’s getting better, slowly but surely. And I caught my layout again today, proving that last week’s catch wasn’t a fluke! 😀

This is the last weekend the rig will be out, until next spring. I’m glad I got to fly again… the next time I do so will be end November, when the indoor rig opens and when I head over to my aunt’s place in DC – where they also have a rig. Hehe. At first, I toyed with the idea of flying on Sunday too, but my hands are feeling hot, raw, and ripped. I’ve finally torn through the skin of one of my calluses. Hopefully, climbing tomorrow shouldn’t hurt too much.


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