No Anna for me

Sad, frustrated and disappointed! WTF I walked all the way from work to the theater, having looked forward to this opera for months now. But tickets were sold out. WTF. Why didn’t all the old people watch the live streaming when it was shown a few weeks ago?!? This is an encore performance!

Fuck. Fuck!!! 😦 and I couldn’t even watch her live in NYC even if I wanted to. All her February performances are also sold out.

Ok, after a long walk and a workout on the elliptical, I feel better now. I know it wasn’t such a big deal, and there are bigger concerns/stresses, but I just needed to vent, at least for a while. I’ll just have to settle for the DVD (which I just bought – recorded at the Wiener Staatsoper, starring Netrebko and Elina Garanca… and at $30, it’s cheaper than the cost of the movie ticket and the cab fare back), and hope that they’d show it again on the big screen next summer. And in the meantime, I’ll have to go online and buy those other Met opera tickets before they sell out, especially Manon Lescaut, where Anna Netrebko is again the lead character. Evidently, she’s a huge, huge draw. None of the other opera encores I’ve caught in the past two years, even Das Rheingold and Die Walkure sold out!


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