The Parentals Visit Chi Town

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My parents, enroute to their cruises to the Caribbean and the Panama Canal, stopped by Chicago for a short visit this weekend. Thank goodness the weather cooperated – we could not have asked for a nicer November weekend.

It was sunny with clear blue skies when they arrived on Friday morning, leading my dad to wonder in amazement at the brilliant-ness of the blue. After a quick stop for dim sum in Chinatown, we went for a stroll downtown. They delighted in the bright red leaves that still adorned the trees, and ogled at the shiny Bean/Cloud Gate sculpture. And of course, my dad just had to pose beneath the skirts of the gargantuan Marilyn Monroe statue for a picture.

The gorgeous weather held up on Saturday too, when we headed out to the Botanic Gardens. Before we arrived, I’d even been stressing over whether the fall foliage season had already waned, but goodness no, the leaves were still on most trees and their colors were so bright! There was patches of fiery red and golden yellow and orange and green. My horticulture-loving parents were in heaven. They lingered over every bush and scrub, and took dozens of photographs.

I’m glad they got a chance to visit, and that we didn’t have to scratch our heads too hard to find activities for them to do in an urban setting. We would have also gone out to Indiana to see the Sandhill Crane migration, but my dad’s back, which had been annoying him for close to a week, hurt even more on Sunday. So we had to stay in where he tried to medicate and rest up. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. 😦


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