2009 Carlisle Sonoma County Syrah, California, USA

My coworker, who shares his wine allocations with me sometimes, told me in the elevator today that the 2009 Carlisle Sonoma County Syrah, California, USA he recommended I buy from KL Wines earlier this year, has appreciated some 5x the price we bought it at! OMG. I bought 5 different bottles then, the cheapest being the Sonoma Syrah for $25 – my coworker just sold it at auction for $125!!!

But we opened the bottle 2 Sundays ago, when Ruoxi and Pakshun were here. Haha. Although to be honest, if I were to guess the price of the bottle blind, I would have put it in the $40 range. First opened, it had a beautiful fruity nose, but tasted somewhat restrained with the tannins. It did open up a lot more as the evening went on and the body rounded out, becoming silky smooth with a long finish.

At least we still have 4 more bottles, albeit from different vineyards and different vintages and different grapes (Syrah and Zinfandel)… and two more arriving in the mail next week.


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