Dreaming of open waters

My parents came through town this weekend on their way back from a cruise of the Caribbean. After 1.5 hours of clawing through traffic, we finally picked them up from the airport. Famished, we drove straight to Double Li in Chinatown for dinner. I was a little nervous as to their reactions of Double Li, given that they hadn’t been too enthusiastic about either Minghin or Sweet Station, and also because my dad was like, “Pick a nice place for dinner; my treat.” I can’t think of any high-end restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown! Isn’t that just sad?

But it turned out, they really enjoyed Double Li’s unpretentious good food. That place, while not quite a hole-in-the-wall, is simply decked out, with clean table and chairs and harsh florescent lights. But the Sichuan cuisine proved to be to their liking. We ordered 9 dishes for a table of 4, which is kind of nuts since typically we can’t quite even finish a dish a person. The dry chili chicken and black pepper beef was good as usual, but the winners were the eggplant sauteed in garlic and the steamed tilapia which we simply ravished, even though it was the last dish to arrive and we were all stuffed by then.

After we dropped them off at the airport this morning, we headed to the indoor pool. Since we’ve joined the gym together about a week ago, we’ve already been to the pool 3 times. It’s awesome! Part of my Christmas present to Jeff is to teach him how to swim (the other part being a scuba mask and snorkel), so that we could go diving together when we head to Hawaii in January. After hearing about my parents’ trip and looking through their pictures of sunny skies and sparkling blue waters, I cannot wait for Hawaii!


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