The Seminar with Alan Rickman

Jeff was really nice to give in to me when I asked, could we please, pretty please go watch Alan Rickman in his new play on Broadway, Seminar?

The play, by Theresa Rebeck, is about a grouchy celebrity editor who holds a private writing seminar and who then seems to take an unwholesome delight in ripping their work to shreds. The plot is simple, with no twists, but the dialogue was smart and wicked.

Rickman was at his snarling, blistering best. He delivered punches in his deliciously low voice that reverberated off the floors of the stage. The audience, consisting mostly of an older set – and then us, lapped it up.

One of my favorite lines: You want my honest opinion? Well I think you are not without talent. Your writing is like a whore. You are a whorishly good writer. You will never be on a panel, but if you want to make it rich, you should go to Hollywood.

After the show, we left the theater, intending to make our way up to Lincoln Center. Outside, however, long lines had formed. It turned out that people were waiting for Alan Rickman to appear. Haha so we joined in the waiting. Jerry O’Connell, one of the actors in the play, made an appearance, and diligently shook hands with everyone before he and a couple other cast members strolled off around the block. Alas, to everyone’s visible and audible disappointment, Alan decided to hide from his adoring fans and sent word that he wasn’t going to appear.

Oh well, but at least we did see him up close and in the flesh!


Jerry O’Connell signing autographs


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