Morning of Circus Arts

Since the indoor trapeze rig in Chicago is still not yet open, I’ve been looking to get my trapeze fix wherever I can. I think Jeff’s given up on the trapeze, but he was game enough to sign up for the silks class. At the last minute, we were able to convince his brother Joe to sign up for the trampoline class around the same time (although I think he didn’t think it was really his cup of tea, after bouncing around for a good part of an hour).

I continued to work on my swing and layout. I think it’s amazing that I’ve caught that trick twice before – Brian and Steve are really excellent catchers and linesmen respectively to help me make those two catches before, because I think my swing still needs a ton of work. But the staff at the NYC rig were really, really great – they were very generous and helpful with tips on how I can better improve my technique. Towards the end, they were even trying to convince me to change my air ticket, so I could stay for a couple more days of tutelage. Haha.

It was a great workout! Perfect excuse for later pigging out at The Cannibal, where I met up with an elementary school friend and her boyfriend to catch up on old times over the most delicious Trappist ale and heaping plates of pig’s head, veal and other assorted meat.



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