Getting back into shape

Twice this month now, I was getting ready to leave work early to hit the gym, when a message pops up in my inbox: there’s an extra spot for wine tasting! Come on down!

What’s a girl to say to that? I mean, should I risk being typecast as uptight and demur? Haha. And it’s Italian sparkling wines!!!

The tasting was great, by the way. I bought a bottle of Prosecco, because it was so floral, so off-dry, and so delicious that I couldn’t possibly say no. Especially during the holiday season.

But I have started, what I hope, a new routine. Running on the elliptical or swimming, at least three times a week. At the end of October, I signed up for a gym membership through work. So far, the track record, if I do say so myself, has been pretty commendable. And I’m chuffed to say that after a month and a half of cardio, my heart rate is way lower than when I started. Weight-wise, I don’t see a difference, but that’s not much my main concern as the horrific loss of stamina.

It’s sad to think that ten years ago, when I arrived at the U of C, I placed out of all the physical education requirements. I was probably in the best shape of my life, having recently trekked up to the base of Everest. Fast forward a decade, I can barely hike to the bottom of the climbing crag without wheezing like I’ve been given the fright of my life. 😦

I liked to think that I was still active, and exercised often. But hiking showed me that while I am probably stronger than I have ever been, climbing and the trapeze don’t provide much in the way of stamina.

So, let’s see how this new regiment comes along!


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