Taking Stock of 2012

I got lazy with the Christmas cards this year. Not that I sent any last year. But as I thought through writing an imaginary card, I couldn’t think of anything that made this year remarkable especially compared with friends have gotten married, had kids, finished graduate school, moved to new cities, started new jobs, or found new companies.

Oh I’ve had a ton of fun. Travelled plenty – we ushered in the year in New Zealand, over oysters we picked at abandon by our beach campsite. We took a harried and packed week long trip to Spain where we sampled tons of sangria and tapas, skied, and immersed ourselves in the history and architecture of the Moors. Skied in Colorado. Climbed in Kentucky and Arkansas. Canoed the Boundary Waters. Drank our way through Paso Robles and Washington. Hiked the mountains in Seattle and Vancouver. Explored the cultural side of Santa Fe and New York. Enjoyed a gorgeous late fall in DC and finished up the year skiing in Colorado.

Within the city, I’ve enjoyed lots of opera, and got hooked on the trapeze. Sailed a little – not too much this year because I got sidetracked by the trapeze. Drank a lot of wine and read a lot of books. Enjoyed visits from old friends from afar.

If 2011 was the year of the new job and new home, this was a year of fun, fun and more fun. I didn’t set any expectations or aspirations for the year, and consequently, looking back, feel that this has been somewhat an aimless year.

Going into 2012 though, it’s time to stop smelling the flowers and instead re-examine my priorities and goals. I need to figure out how to progress in my career, or what I need to do to change track, especially if our goal is to move out west within the next 5 years.

Will begin by picking up the CFA again… Haha. While I’m unsure if finance figures into the longer term, the content covered will be useful for my current work. If anything too, the intensive studying should help me refocus and get me off hours spent web surfing in the evenings.

Stock Taking in Prior Years:

1. 2010

2. 2009, right before my move back to Chicago

3. 2008

4. 2007

5. 2006

6. 2005


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