Hiking in Hawaii


We drove from the west coast of Hawaii this morning to Hilo. It’s fascinating how a short two hour drive across the mountains bring us from the arid desert landscape to lush rain forests.

We visited the Macadamia Nut Plantation for a quick look-see. For those who are thinking of visiting, my advice would be to just skip it, especially if you have been to a plantation before. You don’t get much of a plantation to tour, and the “factory” is but a shell, where they put up a sad show for the visitors on our self-guided tour. At the very least, they could have put up better placards and explanations of the harvesting process.

We stopped by Hilo after for lunch, and chanced upon a farmers market. S was in heaven, and bought a bag of fresh and sweet rambutans to share.

We’d called in to check the lava flow and sadly the new flows werent accessible by either car or foot. Nonetheless, we donned on our hiking boots and gamely started on the 4 mile hike of Kilauea Iki that circled the crater Pu’u Pua’i and then led us down to the floor of the crater itself. It was a cool hike. I didn’t realize that the lava rocks were so porous but I guess it makes sense since the hot rocks are bubbly.

Since there was no point staying till dusk to see flow – much to the disappointment of the group as we’d come armed with headlamps – we decided to head back towards Kona. Along the way, Eugene suggested visiting Punaluu, one of the black sand beaches on the island.

Lo and behold, we step onto the beach and there were a half dozen greenback turtles just laying near the edge of the waters. Like woah! That totally made our day. 🙂


Gorgeous sunset. Everytime I see a beautiful sunset, I can’t help but think: everything is right in the world. Everything will be ok. 🙂


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