Three Superstars in Berlin

I’m so glad that more opera theaters are jumping on the Met bandwagon and screening their concerts and performances to audiences around the world. Watching opera in a movie theater is a great compromise between the real live performance where you get to steep in the electric atmosphere but also have to squint to make out details of say, the stars’ costumes, and watching in the comfort of your own home where you don’t get to enjoy the surround sound but get to put your feet up on the coffee table and munch on chips and wine.

Anyway, we caught the taped August performance of 3 Superstars in Berlin, starring the ever gorgeous Anna Netrebko, her (ultra-sexy) husband Erwin Schrott, and opera’s latest tenor heartthrob Jonas Kaufmann. A thoroughly enjoyable performance! Loved the pieces chosen and felt that it was a good mix of the popular stuff and the lesser heard songs. Erwin, in particular, picked some non-operatic pieces, and promoted classical Spanish songs from his latest album, Rojotango. Even Jeff so smitten by his deep and smooth bass-baritone that he downloaded his album to listen immediately after we got home. Hah.

A couple of moments that had us giggling… Jonas and Anna shared an intense staged kiss at the end of their Manon duet. When they finally came up for air, Jonas’ lips was smeared with her bright lipstick. We wondered how Erwin was reacting backstage, and found out in the next trio piece when Erwin laughingly wiped away Jonas’ lips with a handkerchief. It was fun also to watch not only Marco Armiliato and his chorus rock out to Erwin’s Rojotango, but catch a glimpse of Anna backstage vigorously dancing to the music too. đŸ™‚

It was nice to see that the orchestra had their fair share of the limelight too, and the chorus had a couple of beautiful pieces to sing – e.g. the Madame Butterfly Humming Chorus. I’d love to own a copy of the DVD if it comes out – hopefully there’ll be a blue ray version and subtitles too. And hopefully too, the producers will edit away some of the shakier camera shots; aye.


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