Happy Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year started on Monday, but we didn’t have any form of celebration until Friday. For lunch, I brought a group of coworkers to Chinatown’s latest dim sum spot, Cai, for lunch. A few in the group had never had dim sum before, so it was amusing to see them struggle with the idea of tripe and chicken feet. But everyone had a good meal, and we went back to work in a hazy food coma, with just enough time to digest before our monthly wine tasting!

In the evening, we met up with a group of 13 friends at Double Li. I’d made reservations, but the hostess mistakenly thought it was for Saturday. No matter, since the place was fairly empty, which turned out as well because we were a rambunctious bunch. Over spicy dishes and wine, we laughed and chatted the evening away. At the end, Jeff surprised me with my favorite tres leches birthday cake from La Ciudad, which he had smuggled down to Chinatown with R’s help!

This morning, we headed out bright and early to the climbing gym, before returning for a relaxing afternoon in. Life is good: we had delicious take-out banh mi from del Seoul, freshly ground and brewed Kona coffee, and Rigoletto and Don Pasquale on DVD. đŸ™‚


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