Mid Winter Party

We had about 20 people over last night for a mid winter bash, most of them fellow wine enthusiasts, with the theme of Syrah/Shiraz wines.

We love to host, though we’re not good cooks. Hehe. But we bought a gigantic chicken pot pie from Costco that I threw into the oven that was very well received, and even tried my hand at baking a cheesecake (which turned out really amazing too, yay!). Jeff also bought bunch of tulips to place over our mini wine fridge to give it more color.

It was a fun evening. We threw our friends from our different parts of life – climbing, drinking, trapeze, and work – into our living room and everyone mingled and laughed easily together. People brought many bottles of wine, which we mostly polished off, and Eric made an upside down pear cake that was most delicious. I had such a great time, I didn’t even pay attention to the wines I was drinking, and consequently, had to spend most of the day sleeping. Hehe.


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