North Pond with Friends

It was a foggy and chilly night, but we felt so warm! Thanks Chris, Mi., and Eric for such a wonderful evening – for the dinner, for the most thoughtful gift, and the lovely company!


Eric made the reservations for North Pond, an elegant restaurant tucked away in the lush grounds of Lincoln Park that overlooks a large pond and the Chicago skyline in the background. None of us had ever been to the restaurant, or heard about it really, but it was a great find. The food was phenomenal. I had a grapefruit and pear salad with Belgian endives, arugula and pistachio, and I relished every mouthful. For the mains I had the lamb and sausage chop, and it was so nicely seared. Jeff and Eric had the duck breast, two generous slabs that were slow roasted and drizzled with citrus sauce that was just delicious as well. I was stuffed, and wanted to pass on desserts, but everyone else was keen and they all wanted their own, so I caved in and followed the waitress’ enthusiastic recommendation of their apple fennel – a cake topped with salted caramel mousse, cider and a scoop of green apple sorbet. Mmm-mmm. We passed our plates around to share. 🙂


Wasn’t this lovely? Hazelnut cakes courtesy of North Pond to close the evening. We didn’t expect this at all – and it was such a pleasant surprise too when we popped open the menu to find personalized copies addressed to us. 🙂


Chris and Mi.’s brilliant gift (I’m going to steal the idea!) – a memento of when Jeff and I got hitched. Hehe. The ‘3’ is the number on Chris’ door; the ’24’ is the chapter taken from the Hunger Games book (which we didn’t recognize at first given we read the e-books); the ’12’ is a pair of dice Mi. kept from her dad.


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