Poor Gelb

It’s kind of sad – all the critics and online opera blogs that I read seem to enjoy slamming Metropolitan Opera’s Peter Gelb and the director of the “witless” Ring cycle, Robert Lepage. They make many valid complaints, and Lepage’s recent NYTimes article seems so defensive, it’s kind of funny.

Gelb seems unpopular in the community, what with his insistence on the “revolutionary” Lepage Ring and his hiring of non-opera directors to direct tepidly-received productions, and his latest gaffe of asking WQRX to pull an unflattering article about him has only stoked the flames.

But whatever his failings are, the guy’s done a phenomenal job of bringing Live in HD performances around the world! I don’t care that critics contend that watching opera on the screen is a poor experience of the real deal – the fact is, I get to watch so many more performances and artists that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to. For that, I like the guy.


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