Yay for online radio opera broadcasts

Studying is made so much more palatable on a rainy day, with the online radio stations tuned into performances of Tales of Hoffman (Lyric Opera’s 2012 performance on WFMT) and Das Rheingold (Bavarian State Opera Orchestra on WQXR). Hehe.

And although I can’t watch visually, I’m at least familiar enough with these pieces now that I can comfortably follow the action by the music alone. Yay.


6 thoughts on “Yay for online radio opera broadcasts

  1. Now that the Met season is over, I’m having difficulty finding an online station that carries opera. (WQXR in NYC is playing a dreadful Musical this morning!) In times past, it seems there were many stations that picked up opera companies from Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

    • Have you tried using the app Spotify? It’s awesome because you can select and save entire albums to listen to (I have dozens of versions of the same operas!). It’s free with the occasional ad.

      • Yes, thank you. Spotify is awesome (except for a friend who can’t get it ’cause she refuses to join Facebook), but I like to listen to rebroadcasts of live performances with the usual synopses and intermission chatter, a la the Met broadcasts in season. Now that I think of it, I should try and catch the Canadian broadcasts that I once listened to on CBC.

        Sounds like you might like to sing? Favorite operas? Lately I’ve been liking the extremes, the very early and contemporary ones.

  2. Have you checked out Paterre? This blog gives a great weekly feed of where the best weekends broadcasts are to be found. 🙂

    I wish I sing, but I’m just the consumer. I have to say, right now my favorite operas still belong to Donizetti and Verdi. I like Wagner’s Ring cycle, but for the most part, I tend towards the more economical operas. Do you sing?

    • By the way, I’m curious to see what you thought of the recent Met seasons? The critics seem disdainful of the productions, particularly those by “non-opera” directors, but as a non-native New Yorker, I have to say I’m just grateful we have more HD operas and streamed operas to catch!

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