Recently, Jeff surprised me by taking me out to dinner. At Goosefoot! Only the restaurant I had been trying unsuccessfully to make reservations for (they are fully booked through August, the maximum date you can currently make reservations for).

Turns out, it was to celebrate our fourth anniversary, which had completely slipped my mind. Oops. 🙂

Goosefoot is touted as one of the latest best BYOB restaurants in the city, so we brought along the bottle of Seresin Rachel that we had lugged back from New Zealand. After hearing rave reviews from friends, our expectations were high.

As it turns out, the food, while solidly good, was not mind blowing. We had 8 on the menu courses (plus three more amuse bouche and dessert), so the portions were a tad larger than say Graham Elliot or El Ideas. I.e., we had an actual bowl of soup, not just served in a teeny tiny cup.


While some people appreciate a theme that runs through the courses, I got a little bored by the ubiquitous presence of goosefoot and truffle. In that regard, I felt that Chef Chris Nugent wasn’t quite as innovative.

But all in all, it was a delicious meal, with great company. 🙂




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