Snatch Thief of the CTA

Wow, it’s the second time I’ve been ‘mugged’ and escaped unscathed, with my belongings returned in their pristine condition.

Note to self: Never to use the phone while standing by the door of the train. I was on the CTA this afternoon, going uptown for an appointment, when, at the Addison stop, someone grabbed the phone from my hands just as the doors were about to close. For a split instant, I thought it was someone I knew, by way of saying hello. But then the fog cleared and I was like wtf!

So I jumped off the train, screaming at the guy – a burly black man in dreadlocks, a white t-shirt and jeans – and hoping someone would help me grab him. No one did, although they did sort of block his path as he attempted to run down the escalators. But I managed to reach out and grab his arm. In his panic, he turned back and threw down my phone on the ground.

I was much too relieved to get my phone back in one working piece and too focused to make it to my appointment on time that I let the matter go then. I’ve no idea where the dude ran off to, but I do know that someone must have reported the incident to the staff manning the station, because shortly after a lady came up and asked if everything was ok. Man. I know it happened to R in Europe, but that was Europe I thought! WTF.


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