Communication Breakdown

Chicago ground transportation virtually ground to a standstill during rush hour on Tuesday. All northbound CTA trains were disrupted because a fire had broken out in a furniture shop right by the train tracks. Over on the Metra, there was a “pedestrian incident” that required suspension of the service on the North-West line while the staff tried to clean up the mess.

That meant that my plans to rush home from work to hunch over the books were for naught. After waiting a good half hour for a train that I could squeeze onto, I found out that we had to get off midway to catch a shuttle bus that would bring us northbound. Of course, the streets by then were jammed with the rush hour crowd – judging from the number of people spilling out over the sidewalks onto the roads, I thought I was better off trying to walk to a few blocks further to catch other buses.

But even then the buses were crammed full to the point where they only stopped to disgorge people, but no one else was allowed on. No matter; I ended up walking at the same pace as the buses.

At least it was a beautiful evening for a stroll. It was warm, but there was an insistent breeze. And since my route home saw me walk by one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the city, I stopped in for a light dinner of chirasi, and managed to make it home while the sun was still out. I love long summery days!

I think I got the better end of the deal than others who were left to cram together on the buses. At least, I know I made it back home in the same amount or less. 🙂


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