Fun Times in New York

What a weekend! Choke full of activities. We began the morning with a stroll to Chinatown, where we had a long and huge dim sum lunch with Jeff’s extended family, some of whom he hadn’t seen in years.

Afterwards, we walked to REI, where we spent much time browsing around. Everyone left with some toy of some sort. Our happy place.

To meet Wendy at the Highline, we had to meander our way through the West Village. I loved this little patch of green in the city. 20120610-092109.jpg

We also passed by La Guardia Park, where we chanced upon a Hare Krishna festival. I was amused to see that more than half the group of singers/chanters on stage weren’t Indians. 20120610-092116.jpg

We loved the leisurely walk on the highline. There was so much to see. What a marvelous idea – to convert old unused train tracks into an urban garden. If only we could convert the rickety CTA loop in Chicago into a garden too. Think of how easy and fun it would be to be able to walk to work each day, without having to stop for the traffic lights and be able to look down on the bustling streets below. 20120610-092126.jpg



We took our time on the highline, then cooled off in Chelsea Market before making our way over to dinner at Mas Farmhouse, a restaurant that came highly recommended by my coworker. We added K to our party. Good conversation, wine, and food!

After dinner, everyone except Kat then jumped into cabs to head to Donny’s apartment in the east village. His is the real estate that all New Yorkers envy – a ginormous duplex with a 400 square foot terrace – and a rent that is so outrageously cheap, it makes people blanch. He had a bustling party on his deck when we arrived – a crowd of what seemed like most of the opthomalogists in the city. And Jordan. It was awesome. I was standing in a corner talking to Donny when I saw someone who looked like Jordan. And Donny said that it was Jordan and in point of fact, that it had been Jordan who told Donny that I had posted on fb about visiting for the weekend. We hadn’t seen the guy since we last went skiing with him in Banff, after we dropped him off in his Alberta apartment. Fun evening catching up. 🙂


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