Ramen Fix in New York

I’ve been craving ramen for weeks now, so one of the restaurants on my must hit list for this trip out east was to get my noodle fix. Sadly, Chicago just isn’t the place to get good ramen, even though a handful has finally sprung up in the past couple years.

So Sunday, after we made a requisite stop at Uniglo ( see the picture of Jeff and Joe playing Sramble with Friends outside the store, while we – and about a dozen others – waited for the store to open), we strolled over to Minca, a tiny ramen shop near Soho. Jeff’s friends K and H joined us for lunch before they made full use of the gloriously warm weather for a bike ride to Governor’s Island.

While the broth at Minca can’t compare to the San Mateo ramen we had while in San Francisco last year, it did the trick. It was spicy, thick and savory, and we worked up quite a bit of sweat as we concentrated on chewing the springy noodles and slurping up the soup. Great way to end the short weekend trip; right after we had to rush back home to haul our bags to the airport (hehe Jeff’s mum had stuffed the extra suitcase that we brought to New York with loads of home made dumplings, carrot cake, and glutinous rice).




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