Riding Home


Plans for an evening sail was scuttled today – all the boats had been rented out for a private event. I wasn’t too disappointed – it was a brisk evening out by the lake front, perfect for cycling home but perhaps a little too chilly to be out on the water in just shorts.

So we biked home leisurely along the lake, riding into the wind.

We weren’t in the mood to cook, so we stopped by Yoshi’s for an al fresco dinner. We always forget just how solidly delicious the food is. The dishes aren’t fancily plated, nor do they come topped with exotic sounding ingredients. It’s just simple comfort food done so much better. I had the salmon for my main, and it came, a thick slab, alongside a drab lettuce salad topped with a few slices of clementine. Nothing to look at really. But boy oh boy. The fish was juicy, tender, and flaked right off my fork. I could taste the sweet tangy citrus of the clementine with every bite. The bed of lettuce too, was most refreshing, and went marvelously with the bottle of Stag’s Leap Viognier we ordered.

The highlight dish was Jeff’s ribs and steak entree. The slices of steak were more of the rare scale, but omg. I couldn’t help but close my eyes every time I took a bite, the better to retain the explosion of flavors – juice, a bit of marinate and raspberry sauce, fats that melted in my mouth. I honestly cannot recall the last time I had steak this amazing. Even Katsu’s waygu beef doesn’t quite match up.

Afterwards, we lounged at the table for a bit, finishing our wine and enjoying the heat from the elegant heater by us while we kept an eye on our bikes. Not a bad way to idly pass the evening. 🙂


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