Perfect evening to be out on the water

Volvo Racer in the Belmont Harbor – what a beauty!

View of the Chicago Skyline at Dusk

It was muggy and sweltering in the city. The winds were strong, but it was a hot breeze that blasted one’s face, and covered one’s body in sticky, uncomfortable sweat. Which was why I was bemused to see Eric all covered up in a thick grey fleece.

As it turns out, he made the smart decision. As our sailboat veered far from land, the wind grew noticeably cooler. And we shivered with delight every time a wave broke over the side of the boat. Which was often.

It was a gusty and windy evening to sail. The winds were 25 knots easy. Initially, we scoffed at the sailing center’s suggestion to not put up our gybe and reef the main sail. But once we were out of the harbor, we saw the wisdom of the decision. It was an active battle with the main sheets the entire evening, when usually, we would just set a point of sail, and leave the main sail alone.

Gloriously fun though! We completely blew past our 2 hour time rental, and only, when the sun started to dip down below the skyline, did we reluctantly steer the boat back into the harbor.

Afterwards, we joined Tracy and Kat at the nearby sushi joint where we got a table outside and lounged the rest of the evening away until the close.


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