Another lazy weekend in the city.

Friday PM: J&J’s for dinner, wine, and good conversation

Saturday AM: Attempted to play some tennis with Hannah, but we were kicked out of the courts a mere 5 minutes after we started lobbing the balls around – allegedly for a class though we didn’t see any students. Ah well. It was a hot morning anyway, and by the time we strolled over to the trapeze rig to look in on the classes, my back was thoroughly soaked. But I signed myself up for a couple more classes this week, on top of my weekly workshop.

Saturday noon: Jeff and Hannah’s friend S joined us for a long brunch at Socca, where we each downed two glasses of mimosa, just because. Afterwards, we felt so sleepy we took a 2.5 hour nap.

Saturday PM: Woke up in time to head up to the park by L&M’s, where Sandra made us an amazing Mexican picnic (the consequence of a lost poker match, hehe). It’s so nice to lay back on the grass and watch the ever changing cloud patterns overhead. We downed copious amounts of spiked punch, and beer, but brought the “grape juice” back to the apartment to continue the evening.


Sunday PM: Trapeze make-up class! I have two make-up classes to take because of the Oregon trip and the Diana Krall @ Ravinia concert last Tuesday. I might have been a little nuts signing up for the make-up today, since I’ve the regular Tuesday class and an additional all-catching class on Thursday. My hands already feel raw! But – it was a great class today! Started learning a new trick, the straight jump, which looks way easier than it actually is to execute. Gah. And I caught on my pullover and layout (third time!), so I’m pumped. 😀 I might throw those two tricks for the show end August.


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