El Ideas No. 4

july 24, 2012
breakfast – eggs / coffee / toast
halibut – corn / avocado / lime
salmon – kohlrabi / nasturtium / caper
fries and ice cream – potato / leek / vanilla
scallop – seaweed / beet / grapefruit
freeze pop – melon / prosciutto
bacon – navy bean / kimchi / scallion
dirty nitro-tini – stuffed olives
grey morels – garlic / garlic / garlic
beef – squash / marrow / lemon
ants on a log – peanut butter / raisins / celery
feta – watermelon / grapes / pistachio
peach – blackberries / graham / meringue
egg yolk – sweet / bread / crumbs

Plus chocolate ball with beet juice, and a chamomile macaroon.

Our 4th time back to El Ideas. We were curious to see how the cooking has evolved since Andrew Brochu left in February. Verdict? The quality was somewhat uneven. There were some standout dishes that were simply inspired – e.g. the fries and ice cream dish that was essentially a fried potato cannoli filled with potato ice cream in a bed of warm leek soup. Delicious! Other favorites were the morels that tasted simply divine with the medley of garlic, ants on a log, the peach dessert, and the egg yolk dessert. The egg yolk was in a chocolate ball that we broke over warm sweet bread; a seemingly odd combination, but we slurped up every morsel!

Some misses though – the dirty nitro-tini was too strong for Jeff’s taste, and chef Foss admitted that it was still a work in progress. The watermelon dish was somewhat off – I’m not sure that watermelon goes with feta cheese.

In any case, it was still a most enjoyable evening. We brought along a bottle of the 2007 Capiaux Cellars Pinot Noir Wilson Vineyard Sonoma Coast that we nursed the entire evening (there was a table of 2 girls who polished off 3 bottles between them!). It tasted a little hot out of the bottle, but mellowed to a silky smoothness and a sweet finish as the evening progressed.


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