Third time flying this week. Happily I’m not all that sore, even though I also went for a grueling barre class at my former coworker’s new gym.

Today was the all catching class. Our catchers were the talented Brian and Chris. It was an awesome class – all the more so because it looked like the dark grey clouds up north might unleash rain on us, but then huge gusts of winds suddenly materialized and pushed the storm downtown, leaving us with blue skies and then a beautiful pink and purple sunset.

We each got in 9 turns – two practice rounds and 7 catch rounds. I threw a few basic knee hangs, just so I could practice working in hands for the return bar. It’s coming along, slowly, but hopefully I can see results soon! Also caught my layout twice, which makes me happy because it’s turning into one of my go to tricks.

The others had a very successful outing as well. It was thrilling to watch my friends catch the tricks they’d been working on forever, and to see a couple people make the return to the bar and platform!

And now I have my eye on the Saturday morning class as well. Uh oh. The trapeze bug has bitten again!

Not very good form, but still fun!


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