Celebratory Lunch in Chicago

This weekend, Jeff and I hosted a lunch for a smallish group of friends in Chicago. We had 37 friends, plus 2 kids. The venue was at Rose Angelis, in Lincoln Park. We picked it primarily because it has really good food, and phenomenal bread pudding, even though it wasn’t BYOB and its wine list wasn’t anything to be excited about. Haha. But we had the entire restaurant to ourselves, and we had a most lovely time mingling in the garden patio over appetizers and drinks before heading into the restaurant for a sit down lunch.

Great times! We are really lucky to have these groups of friends we’ve made in the city, and thankful for the several friends that trekked in from around the country. πŸ™‚

After gorging ourselves on the food (we are already craving for more tiramisu and bread pudding!), we headed back home for a bit to digest, before strolling over to the trapeze rig. I’d signed up our out of towners, V, Pauline and Mike, for some trapeze fun. M was supposed to try it as well, but he decided he needed to keep a closer eye on the baby (after this weekend, I’m even more convinced that I cannot handle kids!), so Jeff took his spot.

They had fun! Although it was kinda funny that V took to it way more easily – and less painfully – than the other two, considering that she’s much less athletic than Mike and Pauline. By the end of the session, Mike’s calves were bruised up from hanging upside down on the bar, and Pauline’s ankles were scrapped from banging against the bar. V was unscathed, and easily caught both her tricks. πŸ™‚

My first catch with the straight jump trick πŸ™‚


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