Day Trip to Warren Dunes

Another incredible late summer day spent on the waters. L+M, Jeff and I took a day trip out to Warren Dunes, a short 1.5 hour drive from Chicago. It’s a slightly shorter drive to Indiana Sand Dunes, but at Warren, we didn’t have to contend with the view of the ever smoking chimneys that clog the Indiana shoreline. (Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has an informative short write up about the formation of these sand dunes, that stretch along the entire eastern Michigan edge, up to Traverse City in the north)

It’s the sort of day that makes one thankful for life in the Midwest. Pastel colored blue skies and soft green glass waters, minus the stinging and crustiness of salt water. We rented out paddle boards and spent a happy hour paddling along the coast, occasionally diving into the waters to cool off.

Afterwards, we hiked up those impossibly steep sand dunes. I could never be a mountaineer. Trying to claw my way up the shifting sand is tough enough; I shudder to imagine having to walk up the side of a mountain in freezing conditions, bulky and heavy clothing and unyielding plastic boots.

Good workout and great views though. And we indulged in some silliness.

Afterwards, we brushed off the sand and headed to the outlet malls in Michigan City. It was L who made us promise to swing by, but Jeff and I ended up with more purchases. Heh.

Finally, as the sun started to set at 8pm, we drove into Chinatown and parked ourselves at BBQ King, famished. We ordered two set meals meant for a table of 6-7, and gorged on lobster, crispy peking duck, salted egg yolk shrimp, and char siew. The best way to end an active day. đŸ™‚


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