Weekend with the family in NYC

It doesn’t get more exhausting than this really, an entire weekend spent playing tour guide to 10 members of my family in New York City. Every morning, Jeff, his brother Joe and I had to trek up and down from Battery Park, where their parents live, up to Central Park, where we had booked apartments for them to stay at. In between, we walked miles all over the city, or otherwise hailed three cabs at a time to ferry everyone around.

But as my aunt marveled, we can’t remember a time when we went on vacation together. I haven’t even been on a nuclear family vacation in years.

That said, I honestly can’t say I’m looking forward to playing host to such a large group again, not for a very, very long time. Especially not with the near debacle on the first day, when my dad got held up an interminable long three hours at customs, then lost his temper when we weren’t there to pick him up because we were trying to coordinate with everyone else’s arrival times.

All things considered, it was a good trip – the in-laws got to meet; my parents got to see the city; everyone got to catch up. And I think they enjoyed themselves; if anything, we certainly ate well! Can’t wait to see the pictures my brother took.

Checked out the 9/11 Memorial – it’s impressive, but would be more so if we hadn’t had to go through all that security


Kat got us tickets to the top of the Rock, where we enjoyed views of the entire city


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