Yo Yo Ma at Ravinia

All day long the rain threatened. Dark, billowy clouds that raced across the horizon, but never breaking up. On the radar, the system looked distressingly large, covering most of Chicago and south-western Wisconsin.

But apart from a bit of a downpour in the morning, and a sprinkle from the heavy clouds in the evening, the weather held up. Happily, we made the right call to picnic up at Ravinia anyway, to hear Yo Yo Ma perform. Half our group backed out at the last minute, deciding instead the comfort of their hardwood floors where they listened to him on the stereo. The rest of us spread out bottles of wine, meat, cheeses and crackers on our brand new picnic table, and huddled together to break off the autumn chill that the storms brought in.

Fun evening – great program! This was our third visit to the park festival this summer. Wish we’d caught some of the opera concerts, but no matter, opera season is starting up again in a couple weeks! 😀

Hehe, busting out our new camper sofa, picnic table and mat for the first time 🙂




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