An evening of old whites

After the last pinot tasting at my place in July, we were excited to try more of the stash from David’s cellar again. This time around, he invited us over to his new home, where he whipped up a bunch of incredible dishes. The others were intrepid cooks as well, and we had a dinner table heavily leaden with gourmet dishes such as: tuna sauteed with onions, fennel sauteed with some rosemary, chickpea pasta, beet salad, eggplant, homemade ciabatta with homemade miso butter, curried mussels, lobster risotto, crab and scallop cake, and homemade lavender ice cream. Fancy much? Jeff and I knew we couldn’t compete, and given the plethora of dishes already – plus an amazing charcuterie plate, we just brought some store bought truffles to accompany the ice cream. The food, to say the least, was incredible. Now Jeff and I are inspired to cook a little more – maybe just a new dish a week as a start. Haha.

Evening of old whites – the youngest was from 2004, and the oldest, the Muscat, was from 1967.

1996 Zamuner Spumante Villa la Mattarana Brut Rose Riserva, Garda Lombardy, Italy

Time had aged this rose into a gorgeous burnished color. It tasted rich, almost oily and salty, and went beautifully with the aged tuna.

2004 Saint-Cosme Condrieu

This viognier had an incredible nose – heady, with notes of mushrooms, lemon, honey, and nut. The taste was almost bland in comparison though.

1997 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc

Great, great Burgundy! Weighty, with aromas of earth, butter, oak, lemon and melon. I really enjoyed this one.

1994 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese

David said this was his favorite Riesling producer, and it’s not hard to fall in love with this wine. Off-dry, with notes of nectarine and nuts, it paired well with the curry sauce that we mopped up with the spongy ciabatta bread.

1967 Concannon Vineyard Muscat Canelli Limited Release

We capped off the amazing meal with a 1967 Muscat that still tasted incredibly fresh. Age had taken out some of the sugary sweetness, though it was still plenty sweet, with a finish that just lingered on and on, after the last drop has long left our tongues.

Great evening, conversation. The time just flew by too – it was past midnight before we realized. Looking forward to the next round of tastings!


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