Thai Basil Pork

A quiet Sunday evening in. Too lazy to go climbing. We decided there was no better time to work towards our cooking goal. And so we donned on light jackets (fall is in the air!), and walked a couple blocks to the grocery store.

First attempt – Lida’s Thai Basil Pork dish that she made for us last Thursday, which she made for us to go along with her Korean Budae Jjigae stew.

Really easy dish to make (we won’t be attempting any 16 hours ciabatta any time soon that’s for sure).

Added tons of garlic and cherry red pepper that has a surprising amount of heat

Added the ground pork, mixed with some egg and chicken broth, and left it to simmer with a potent mix of fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and dark soy sauce. Right before we turned off the heat, we threw in some green onions and chopped basil.

Paired it with some bak choy, and rice cooked in chicken broth. Healthy and delicious Sunday lunch! 🙂


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