Chill Fall Weekend

Relaxing weekend in – grocery shopping, cooking, dinner and wine with friends, tennis by the lake, climbing.

We were inspired by the refreshing watermelon feta salad we had at Cafe 28 the weekend before, and decided to recreate it. Turned out most delicious! Next time, I think we’ll soak the watermelon in some vodka first, to give it a little more kick.

We also made cheese crusted baked chicken that was very well received. What an easy recipe too! All we did was to coat the chicken thighs in a mixture of cheddar, bisquick crumbles, salt, pepper, chili powder and a bit of paprika, and toss the lot into the oven for 1/2 hour on 375 degrees.

We had a ton more chicken, so we whipped up another dish of Thai Basil Chicken, generously doused with Thai fish sauce, that was most satisfying with rice. For veggies, we roasted a pan of onions, garlic, zucchini and squash. S. brought along some homemade raspberry cheesecake that was so good, L. must have “shared” 6 halves with people.


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