Kyoto at Next

S&C managed to snag coveted seats to Kyoto and Next and generously invited us along for the ride. And what a spectacular meal it was! Plenty of knockout dishes, starting with a heady corn husk clear broth that evoked memories of chilly autumnal dusks when we went pumpkin picking and danced about a corn maze. Ah fall.

I don’t normally gush about the presentation, but this was just so gorgeous! The lantern is actually paper-thin daikon. Wonderful appetizer medley – especially the lime custard topped with fish roe.

The fish was one of my favorite dishes of the night.

This waygu broth served in a gigantic earthen bowl was the table’s unanimous favorite for the evening. The precious slices of beef were slices of buttery heaven that just melted in your mouth. Aaaaaaaah.

It was a marathon meal – by the time they served up the bitter green tea and mochi to cleanse our palate, we were startled to see that it was already 1am! By far the latest meal we’ve had, and certainly one of the more memorable ones.


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