A beautiful and fun fall wedding

I first met R&T more than ten years ago now, on my first winter camping trip. I shrugged off three midterms and skipped up to the Upper Peninsula with them and a bunch of others from the U of C outdoor club to go downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Over the years, we’ve joined them on a bunch of climbing trips, and it was R&T that really started us sailing on the lake. So it was with much pleasure and excitement we got to attend their wedding.

The weather had been finicky all week long – cold and dreary, wet and miserable, but on Saturday, it was fall at its best. The trees have started to turn a bright golden, and they stood out brilliantly against the cloudless blue skies down at the Promotory Point, where the ceremony took place (couldn’t help but reminisce on the first mid-autumn festival I spent there with my friends, gazing at the gorgeous skyline that is Chicago, and painstakingly dividing up a mooncake into 13 tiny slices to share).

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after, their crew of outdoorsy friends wasted no time in setting up a slack line for some wedding photos!

In the evening, we headed up to their reception at Architectural Artifacts, a really cool venue with a big open space filled with random and quirky pieces of antiques. Loved the space! And the drinks – they even had Ale 8, a ginger ale that everyone drinks down at Kentucky when we go climbing. Everyone was most tickled by that, and wasted no time in asking the bartenders to make all kinds of cocktails with it. I think Jeff and I went a little nuts with the drinks – we had mojito, watermelon mojito, chocolate martini, Ale 8 with rum, Ale 8 with vodka, coffee spiked with Godiva liqueur, and glasses of Pinot Noir. Hehe.

But it was a blast. We got to catch up with old friends and made new ones, got to stuff our faces with plates piled high with food (they had stations of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and American), played in the shutter photo booth, and even made it to the dance floor.

Congrats guys – for an amazing wedding, and for all the adventures to come!

I grabbed this picture from their photographer who took this at the Promotory Point – isn’t it beautiful?


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