Diving in Tulamben Bali


Hawaii still ranks as our favorite dives – really, it’s hard to beat pods of dolphins swimming around you, and over two dozen gigantic manta rays swooping over the top of your head while you watch in wide-eyed wonder.

But Tulamben has its magic and charm too. It was a surreal experience diving the 120m long USS Liberty wreck dive, a US cargo ship that was sunk by Japanese torpedoes during the second world war. The corals and fishes have taken over the wreck in the intervening years, so there was a rich diversity of marine sights to behold.

Some of the exciting sights: a couple of Pygmy seahorses (one pink, the other yellow), a couple of beautiful red and yellow long nose hawkfish, hermit crabs, a couple of ghost pipefish, a handful of harlequin shrimp, and a school of gigantic bumphead parrotfish. 🙂

Visibility wasn’t too bad – maybe 10-15m. The water was warm though: 28 degrees C, and I was just in my rash guard and shorts. I saw one of the other divers decked out in full wet suit and hood! Omg, I don’t know how he managed even the short walk from the dive shop to the beach under the sweltering sun. I was already overheating.

Four dives in total – one on Monday evening, and three starting at 630am on Tuesday. 🙂 We’d have to come back some time in the future to explore the other sites.



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