Relaxing in Ubud Bali





When people talk about Bali, they mention the beautiful beaches, verdant rice terraces, and mountains. No one talks about how scary the driving can be. The white markers on the roads are at best guidelines. Our drivers swerved in and out of the narrow two-lane highways, often directly heading on oncoming trucks before screeching back into the proper lanes, narrowly missing the motorcyclists who are trying to attempt the same overtaking maneuver. I liked looking out at the lush greenery, but I was always relieved when we finally arrived at our destination.

We chose Ubud as our second leg of the Bali trip, in part because I thought it might be nice to check out the cultural center set on a hill, a change of scenery from the beach. Didn’t realize that there was such a stark contrast between Tulamben and Ubud. While the former feels like a residential area that is nice dental to a world famous dive site, the latter seems to exist exclusively for tourists. Ubud feels in some ways like Santa Fe – its windy streets are lined with dozens of art galleries.

We spent a day and a half in there, alternately strolling about town – visited the aptly named Monkey Forest, and poked our heads into a couple of galleries, picking up a painting in the process – and lounging in our luxuriously appointed private villa with its own infinity pool and outdoor shower.

Great way to unwind and rest from the whirlwind of activities that were to follow when we returned to Singapore. 🙂


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