Winter is Here

After a windy and stormy but relatively warm weekend in the 60s, overnight, Chicago plunged into the high 20s and we got our first dusting of snow.

I did a yoga class with Y and we had dinner with R after. Plenty to catch up on. We had each just returned from Hawaii, the Middle East, and Asia, so there was the vacation conversation. Y had just bought and moved into a new house, and R had recently gotten engaged.

So of course there was wedding talk. Y was trying to talk R out of pinching pennies when it came to the big party. A few years from now, she said, what are you going to think of that couple thousand you saved here and there? It’s a once in a lifetime event! In fact, she continued, if I could go back in time, I’d spend more on my wedding! She’s even toyed with the idea of a second wedding.

Haha. Of course, my take is completely different. Y has the cash; she doesn’t need to make resource allocation decisions – down payment for a house or have a lavish one-night party. But for the majority of people, I just don’t think it makes fiscal sense to blow big on a party that likely no one else but your closest friends and family will remember five years from now.

Anyway, winter is here, hopefully to stay, through February at least. Am really hoping for a solid season with a good blanket of snow. We’ve already a ski trip out to Colorado booked for the first weekend in Feb (with at least 16 others no less!), and hope to take a week long trip to Whistler as well.


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