Steady, Steady, Pompeepee

I’m a slow learner when it comes to motor skills. But at least I can see steady, if not glacial progress.

My turnaround swing, since I started working on it last year, before giving up for a bit, has improved. Today though, Steve thought I might be better at doing the force out turnaround, which requires just a back sweep and high kick up and out, and then turning at the force out. Previously, I worked on the three kick turnaround. Now that I’ve mostly managed to remember not to rush my actual turnaround, it’s time to work in the next moves – initiating a small kick forward followed by a fast hard sweep back to get back high onto the platform.

My shooting star trick, after my disastrous debut attempts last week, looks and feels way better too. Just got to remember to kick my legs back into a straddle whip at the top of the swing. Now, if only I can keep from yelping out as I fall face first into the net too…

Happy with my attempts to return to the bar too! Heh it took me months before I remembered the first steps of working in hands after the catch / to really arch, wait for the hollow, and the push hard into a seven, keeping my legs pointed at the catcher’s chest before turning around. I think I’ve the timing down mostly now, but I need to keep my body tighter in that seven!

Small tiny steps, but sure feels good!


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