Unseasonably Warm Flu Season

Lemongrass Shrimp
Went to a friend’s on Saturday for a quiet evening of wine and dinner. She’s a fabulous cook – whipped up a mushroom medley risotto and a generous hunk of broiled flank steak. On our part, we made a modified version of the lemongrass shrimp recipe my aunt gave us.

Fun evening with great food and wine. The three of us whiled the evening away with almost 5 bottles of wine! A half bottle of white sherry, a 2010 Patterson Chardonnay that went marvelously with the shrimp, a 2009 Dusted Valley Rachis Syrah that we paired against a 2009 Shafer Relentless (the latter has a wonderful meaty nose to it that would have gone well with the steak, had we not stuffed ourselves silly by then). By the time we finished off the port, it was already 3am. Oh my!

It was hard to wake up in the morning. Didn’t help that soon after I did, I got the chills big time. Fever. Gah. I’ve not had a fever in years, so I’ve forgotten how miserable that feels. It took till this morning before I think I sweated off the worst of it. 😦


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