We headed up to Wisconsin this past Saturday for a Biathlon clinic. Since there wasn’t any snow on the ground (come on now!), the clinic focused just on the shooting aspect of the sport.

What fun! It was my first time handling a live firearm, so I was a tad nervous initially. I forgot my trepidation soon enough though, and began to focus on trying to keep my sights steady before I pulled the trigger. We had a bunch of rifles to share amongst the 30-odd people who turned up for the clinic, but as there were only four of us lefties, we each got in plenty of turns with our rifle.

It took me a few tries before I figured out how to slow my breathing down enough to hit the targets while in prone position. It’s really difficult to shoot standing though – I think it would be a miracle if I get any targets coming fresh off the ski trails. Heh.

Fun new sport to look forward to this winter – if it ever snows!




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