Santa’s Workshop

Flying trapeze performance! Santa’s Workshop! 🙂

Admittedly, I wasn’t in my best form – I was still paying for the drinks I had Friday night… 5 whiskies, one mojito, one caipirinha, and 4 kettle sodas later, I had a rough Saturday trying to recuperate. Grabbed dim sum with Liguel and Winston in Chinatown in the morning, then I had to go home for a bit of a lie in before the show.

Fun times though. Chris’s planche and return to the board was amazing! As for me, I did the layout that Brian caught one handed (he was phenomenal in his costume!)… haha not too sure what went wrong with that catch. But still! I could feel my head spinning as I swung. Oops. I did the split on my second trick, in the hopes I could catch that return bar to the board… but again, my legs were in front of my hands. But both my hands did graze that bar though!

Decided to take a little breather and not sign up for the January-March workshop since half the classes clashes with the operas we’d already bought tickets for. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time to fly somewhat regularly though, so I won’t have to re-start from zero again in the spring.




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