A Night in the Circus

Tuesday evening – Trapeze School invited the bunch of us frequent flyers for a night of free flying and other circus arts. What fun!!!

I got in four turns on the trapeze – a swing, a turnaround swing (for the first time ever, managed to keep my legs tight together on the turnaround, YAY), a layout, and a split catch with return attempt (my legs were in front of me again on the turnaround to the catch bar, boo!). Chris R., a former instructor who ran off to join the circus last summer, was back for the holidays, and he kept us all awestruck and inspired with his triple layouts and all.

It was awesome too that we got to try all the other circus-y stuff. We were split into small groups of four and rotated around the different “stations”. I learnt that I have zero natural talent in juggling; I couldn’t get the hang of properly juggling two balls after 10 minutes, though everyone else was by then deftly handling three balls!

But I was more at home on the tightrope, managing after several attempts to walk the ten feet of wire unaided. 🙂

All four of us in my group were fairly disastrous at silks. Haha. But Jeff and I have signed up for a dedicated silks session on the 30th; hopefully that class will go better.

Acrobatic yoga, to my surprise, was awesome fun! We learnt how to do headstands and planks while balanced off a partner, and other cool moves that I’d thought I’d never be able to carry off. Now I’m excited to sign up for another session!

It was a super fun evening at the rig. Three superb hours. 🙂


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