So, I’ve never had my hands rip, on the flying trapeze or climbing, but I’ve to say they look pretty banged up today. Early this morning, I went to the rig for a make up class. There were only 3 of us signed up! That meant ENDLESS rounds of turns for us! Yipee! I probably did maybe 16 turns, included 4 catches? 😀

Plenty of tries to work on my turnaround swing, layout, straight jump, and shooting star. 😀 I think I’m almost, almost ready for the shooting star catch. Can’t wait to get that ticked off so I can retire it and move on to something else! Hehe. I reckon the catch wouldn’t be that scary, but I can’t help but scream every time I practice and see the net zooming up right into my face.

The other cool part of the class – we got to learn to work the board: grab the swinging bar and set up our own lines. Fun stuff!

But I think my hands will protest if we go climbing today as planned. Heh. Instead, I think we will probably be content with a bit of cleaning up, and setting up cable. Cable! For the first time in our lives, we will have cable. Haha. We only got it because we were switching over our Internet service over to Comcast, and hopped onto the awesome holiday deal where we get two years of free cable for next to nothing. 🙂

Think we will try using the fireplace again tonight too, for the third time since we’ve lived here.



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