A Christmas Hotpot



I awoke to a text from Chris: Merry Christmas! Santa’s brought us snow! The shades in my room was down, but I’d just looked at the weather app where it predicted a 30% chance of snowfall. I told her as much. But when I finally drew open the blinds, wow. It was white! It was more than a dusting – it was legitimate, measurable snowfall. The kind where you have to stomp your way to the car, and sweep and scrape off the buildup. The kind that sticks to your eyelashes, and stays.

What a delightful Christmas gift! Hehe. Ok, so we weren’t really planning on dancing around in the snow, or really even stepping foot outside, though my college buddy, J, who was in town and staying with us, did think for a minute about visiting some museums before we found out that everything was closed. Instead, we contended with admiring the gently falling snow from the warmth of our living room. We set up the fireplace again, and had a lovely but quiet afternoon in front of it, playing Stratego and Scrabble.

In the evening, we had 5 other friends over for hot pot. We always love a good hot pot – delicious food that requires minimal preparation, but which your friends will happily and earnestly dig into. For drinks, we started off with some Christmas ale, before moving on to a delicious Goose Ridge Chardonnay 2010 that we’d brought back from Washington. It was buttery-smooth, yet crisp and refreshing – we’re definitely going back to pick up more when we visit Washington again in Feb. Next, we had a bottle of the 2009 Yealand’s Pete’s Shed Tempranillo that we’d lugged back from New Zealand. Now this was a beauty too! Our tasting notes from when we tried it in the winery mentioned notes of ketchup. We didn’t get any of the ketchup this time around, but the color had mellowed to a lovely pale red, not unlike the color of a Pinot. It didn’t have the usual astringency of a Tempranillo, but had lively notes of tangy strawberry and spice. Wished we could go back to NZ to pick up more!

Afterwards, we crowded around the fireplace again and broke out the game of Saboteur. The others were a little hesitant to play the game initially, as my explanation of the game was not a little convoluted. But after I’d convinced them to give it a try, everyone was got hooked (R&J even said we had to bring it to their place for NYE hehe). Hehe. The rest of the evening was spent playing the game, and enjoying our easy camaraderie on Christmas night.


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